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The mission of Health Foundation of South Florida is to improve the health of people in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. By funding providers and supporting programs to promote health and prevent disease, we make measurable and sustainable differences in the health of individuals and families.


Since 1993, Health Foundation has awarded more than
$108 million to public and nonprofit organizations focused on improving health and health services throughout the region.


In today's changing world, Health Foundation is one less variable. With our unwavering commitment to improving health, forming collaborations and advancing policies and practices which benefit South Floridians, we are the Foundation for a healthy community.


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A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.
Health care stories are reported from Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Connecticut, Tennessee and Illinois.
The Food and Drug Administration issued the safety announcement as it looks into whether contrast-imaging drugs that contain the heavy metal gadolinium leave brain deposits after repeated MRIs. Meanwhile, a new report suggests that drug makers delay filing reports with the FDA in cases of a drug-related illness or death.
News outlets also examine other trends in medical care, including the expanded roles of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, how some new mothers are missing out on advice regarding breastfeeding and SIDS, new guidance about depression screenings and continued efforts to destigmatize mental illness.
Meanwhile, the organization confirmed Monday that its website has been hacked by anti-abortion activists.
Angst among lawmakers is taking the form of amendments to repeal the health law or defund Planned Parenthood, but they don't always fit in with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's plans for broader legislation.
The House Judiciary Committee is planning two hearings in September to discuss these worries. Meanwhile, another House panel contemplates an overhaul of how Medicare pays hospitals for short-term stays. And a Kansas congressman throws his support behind the so-called "health care compact."