Climb each mountain…reach for every star
A Holiday Message from Health Foundation of South Florida

2012 has its share of predictions ranging from asteroids hitting earth to the world ending when the Mayan calendar ends. Thank our lucky stars; forecasts fizzle. The impact you can count on in 2012 will result from Health Foundation of South Florida’s 20th anniversary of actions to improve the health of South Floridians.

Health Foundation’s efforts are making an impact in our focus areas: healthy eating active communities, oral health, preventive health measures and primary care. For example, more than 15,700 underserved residents received oral health services through our funding to create and expand dental clinics and 4,800 women were able to have screening mammograms, a life-saving effort for 30 of those women. And our nationally recognized Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative, launched in 2008, enabled more than 17,000 older adults to stay healthy and independent through free or low cost programs.

In health, the challenge to funders is to understand that we are climbing a giant $2+ trillion health care mountain. Our investments, which exceed $92 million dollars since 1993, are a small drop in the health bucket. Yet, great strides are made as our board, staff and community partners are empowered with strategic, results-oriented preventive and early intervention work plans.

Based on the reception our work receives, we are convinced that we are on the right course. Collaboration maximizes the impact of our grant-making resources; effectively empowering policy and pathways to health for all residents in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.

Thanks to you, our valued partner, 2012 will shine with opportunities for South Floridians to climb each mountain and reach for every star. From all of us at Health Foundation of South Florida, we wish you and your family a very healthy and happy new year.

Board of Directors


Chairwoman, Karen Gilmore
President & CEO, Steven E. Marcus, Ed.D.

Richard B. Adams, Jr., Esq.
Loreen M. Chant
Sheldon D. Dagen, CPA
James Eckhart, Esq.
Arthur Finkle, CLU
Divina Grossman, Ph.D.
Philip Grossman, M.D., FACP, FACG
Charles Hood,III
Susan Kelley
Richard Laviña
Roymi Membiela
Stanley Worton, M.D.

Kathy Antieau, CPA
Shari Gantman
Irgiz Guzman
Reidun Hallenberg, MPH,CHES
Debra Johnson
Eliane Morales
Jakes Olson
Osiris Rojas, MA
Janisse Schoepp, MPH
Gabrielle Solomon, MPH
Xinia Thompson
Peter Wood, MPA

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