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About the Partnerships


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With research indicating that how we live, where we live and other social and economic forces can have dramatic effects on health, new kinds of partnerships will play an increasingly important role in improving community health. Health Foundation of South Florida is targeting the improvement of community health indicators by allocating up to $7.5 million to support two Live Healthy Community Partnerships over a six year period.

After an extensive application process, the City of Miami Gardens and the neighborhood of Little Havana were selected for the Foundation’s Live Healthy Community Partnerships initiative. This initiative which launched in February 2014, is part of the Foundation’s strategic and systemic effort to reduce poor health outcomes by engaging community residents to improve selected public health indicators.

Getting communities involved in improving health is gaining momentum across the country. According to David Kindig, M.D., a University of Wisconsin population health expert, “Clinical care contributes only about 20 percent to overall health outcomes, while health behaviors contribute 30 percent, social and economic factors 40 percent and the physical environment 10 percent.” This means that non-clinical care factors are responsible for an estimated 80 percent of health outcomes, and that improvements in clinical care can only be part of the answer to the need for improved community health.

Our Live Healthy Community Partners have planned and are currently implementing next steps toward improved health for their residents.


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