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Have you ever wondered how many of your neighbors vote? This map, developed by Health Foundation of South Florida, shows how many of your neighbors cast a ballot in the last midterm election. With only days left until Election Day, and with early voting already in effect, it’s anticipated be one of the highest turnouts for a midterm election – especially among young voters.
In the last midterm election in 2014, Miami-Dade County had about 1.4 million registered voters, but only an average of 41% of those voters actually exercised their voting rights. The interactive map below shows some precincts in Miami-Dade had as low as 20% turnout among registered voters. To put it into perspective, that means some neighborhoods had less than one fifth of their residents deciding important races that impact the entire community.

To see how your precinct compares to those across the county, enter your precinct number in the drop-down menu or zoom into the map to find your precinct and click on it to reveal the 2014 election voter turnout. You can also filter the map using the bar at the top to show precincts which fall within a limited voter turnout range (i.e. those with less than 30% voter turnout). How does your precinct’s turnout make you feel about the number of people making decisions on your local and state politics?

With many important health-related issues currently under debate, such as coverage of preexisting conditions under health insurance plans, access to healthcare services, and protection of core public health programs, it is critical for community members to be engaged in the decision making process by voting for candidates and policies that will protect our health. Be informed. Be involved. And be a voter.  Together, we can increase the number of voters and opportunities for health for every neighbor in our communities.