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This year marks Health Foundation of South Florida’s 25th anniversary; when the sale of a majority interest in a local for-profit hospital, Cedars Medical Center, led the Foundation to change its purpose and name.  As Health Foundation of South Florida, it became a builder of healthier communities in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, with a focus on vulnerable populations, through leadership, grantmaking and creating new health policies as well as systems and environmental change.

Our path this point has been paved with significant achievements as well as challenges. But through it all there is always light. Our investments were high performing and making an impact, grantees were writing success stories and people were pulling together. We saw the hopeful side of situations, the silver linings shining through for all to celebrate.

We hope you will join us at various events throughout the year, including our Silver Linings Anniversary Luncheon on Tuesday, March 20.  Together, we create silver linings for all South Floridians.