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Affordability of Primary Care Services within the Safety Net

This funding opportunity is to ensure that primary care services offered within the primary care safety net are affordable. Despite recent health reform, far too many adults and children remain without coverage. Reaching those without coverage or ensuring those who are insured remain covered, particularly those with low income, remains a challenge. Therefore under this strategy, the Foundation is mainly interested in policy or advocacy efforts that support health insurance coverage expansion; as well as outreach, education, enrollment, and retention efforts specifically of publicly subsidized programs.

What We Will Fund:

  • Projects that promote a public policy change at the state or local level
  • Outreach and enrollment efforts 

What We Will Not Fund:

  • Proposals from organizations that do not have the capacity or expertise to effectively carry out project
  • General operating support

When to Apply:

Concept proposals are accepted year-round

Grant Amount:

For policy/advocacy projects: Short-term (3 to 9 months) grants up to $40,000 will be considered for funding. For outreach and enrollment projects: One-year grants up to $75,000 will be considered 


If you are interested in this particular strategy, please contact Fernanda Kuchkarian at 305-374-6442 or