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Capacity Building for Quality Improvement, Infrastructure Enhancement or Evidence-Based Programs

This funding opportunity broadly captures work needed to build capacity of the behavioral health care system in South Florida. Although there are many ways to approach this strategy, the Foundation is particularly interested in supporting projects that fall under one of these three focal points: Continuous quality improvements at the service, organization, and/or system level; Management and/or administrative infrastructure enhancements to improve efficiency and effectiveness and evidence-based practice implementation. Evidence-based practices continue to be one of the most promising ways to improve the quality of mental health care. In order to support and sustain these models over time, investments are also needed to ensure the implementation of EBPs with fidelity through training, quality improvement mechanisms and infrastructure enhancements.

What We Will Fund:

  • Staff training for certification, licensing and new skill sets.
  • Medical and administration equipment
  • IT/Technology implementation
  • Operational, technological or financial consultation
  • Recruiting and hiring temporary staff
  • Preparation for national accreditation
  • Communication and marketing materials

What We Will Not Fund:

  • Addition of new staff or positions not capable of becoming self-sustaining
  • Projects that do not demonstrate a measured improvement

When to Apply:

Concept proposals are accepted year-round

Grant Amount:

One to two year grants. Projects range from $20,000 to $100,000


If you are interested in this particular strategy, please contact Fernanda Kuchkarian at 305-374-6442 or