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Consumer and Peer Movement for Behavioral Health-Related Support, Services and Advocacy

Health Foundation of South Florida recognizes the value and importance of the consumer and peer movement in the promoting mental health system reform. There is a growing consensus that recovery from mental illness is not only possible, but that a recovery-oriented system of care must include the consumer as an active stakeholder. Health Foundation supports the peer and consumer movement by supporting projects that 1) Train and certify peers to become Certified Peer Specialists and integrates into the workforce; 2) Supports the expansion of clubhouses and drop-in centers to serve more clients; and 3) Promotes positive changes to the behavioral health system, especially through consumer-driven efforts and consumer advocacy organizations. Please see our funding calendar for more information.

What We Will Fund:

  • Peer training and certification¬†
  • Peer-based support services
  • Capacity building projects for clubhouses and drop-in centers
    • Infrastructure and/or inter-agency procedures leading to increased system effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and overall capacity
  • Activities designed to improve public policy,

What We Will Not Fund:

  • Grants that have a high per capita cost (varies, but over $1000 per person/year as a rule of thumb)
  • Capital campaigns


When to Apply:

Concept proposals are accepted year-round. Submit your concept proposal via our online portal. 

Grant Amount:

One to two year grants. Projects range from $30,000 to $90,000


If you are interested in this particular strategy, please contact Fernanda Kuchkarian at 305-374-6442 or