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Thank you for partnering with us in our mutual effort to enable and empower all South Floridians to lead healthy lives. This is challenging and vitally important work. Making progress requires not only resources but the commitment, insight, creativity and dedicated efforts from multiple stakeholders, especially grantees like you.

As a Health Foundation grantee, we are with you every step of the way. Your Program Liaison is committed to helping you and your work to be as impactful as possible. You have our support, resources, and expertise at your side to guide successful outcomes.

Reporting Resources

As described in the Grant Award Agreement, grantees are required to submit reports at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the duration of the grant.  Email notifications are sent when a reporting requirement is available for completion. Access your account and complete the reporting requirements, through the grants Portal.

The following links may be needed to assist with your grant:

Announcing Your Grant

Health Foundation of South Florida encourages grantees, partners and affiliates to promote projects and efforts on which we’re collaborating in written materials, online platforms and publications and social media. As part of your agreement with us, you may be required to engage in at least one form of communication, media outreach, and/or advocacy strategy. Please use the following guidelines to ensure consistency and accuracy in your communications. If you have any questions about the Communications Guidelines please contact the HFSF communications team at