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Grants between $5,000 and $20,000 support the planning of projects requiring further research/investigation, outside expertise or significant inter-agency collaboration. Planning projects help an organization incorporate the resulting information into a successful, larger-scale proposal or determine if the project should be postponed or discontinued. Planning grants were created in response to receiving proposals that did not include sufficient literature review, environmental scanning (investigation into the best practice models, strategies and success rates of others conducting similar work locally and nationally), baseline data to measure progress, outcome indicators, sustainability planning and input from experts in the given field.

Direct Services:

Grants support projects that increase access to preventive, primary and behavioral health services and promote regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. Proposed projects should be designed to improve individual and/or community health outcomes. Priority is placed on projects that increase access to health care services in a sustainable way. Examples of Direct Services grants include start-up or expansion of a primary care or behavioral health clinic; implementation of educational programs to increase nutrition knowledge and improve eating behaviors in schools; and screening projects for HIV or cancer.

Organizational Capacity Building:

Program excellence requires a strong organization with a well-developed management infrastructure. Organizational Capacity Building grants enable organizations to identify their own management priorities for strengthening or expansion of management operations. These projects support organizations with a clear plan for increasing their effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. This may include, but is not limited to, staff training, information management, program design, development and evaluation, business planning for revenue-generating activities, marketing and communications, financial management, board development and strategic planning.


Grants are provided to support projects that improve public policy and inter-agency procedures leading to increased system effectiveness and efficiency. These projects also work to ensure community environments promote health. Examples of System/Policy/Environment grants include expanding eligibility for a public health program; incorporating Complete Streets into local government development policy; advocating for daily physical education requirements for students and improving nutrition standards in children settings.