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Implementation of Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs

This funding opportunity will support organizations in the implementation of evidence-based and innovative programs aimed at increasing children’s knowledge and attitudes toward healthy eating leading to healthier nutrition behavior change. Knowing that good eating behaviors are instilled early on in life, Health Foundation is focused on increasing exposure to nutrition and physical activity education in children settings.

Evidence-Based & Innovative Programs in Children Settings

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Implement evidence-based nutrition and physical activity programs (i.e. SPARK, CATCH)
  • Show organizational and staff capacity to sustaining program through train-the-trainer model or program institutionalization (i.e. core operating budget)
  • Reach a significant number of children (i.e.. minimum of 500)
  • Support system-wide implementation
  • Show high likelihood of sustainability
  • Is coupled with a policy, systems, or environmental change strategy (i.e. school gardens/food forests)

What We Will Fund:

  • Staff training, including travel, associated with selected program
  • Train-the-trainer costs
  • Purchase of curriculum
  • Purchase of equipment and program materials (i.e.. ropes, cones, jump ropes, balls)

What We Will Not Fund:

  • Salary of existing staff (e.g. teachers)
  • General operating support
  • Scholarships, fee waivers, or activity/league fees for individual participants

When to Apply:

Concept proposals are accepted year-round. Submit your concept proposal via our online portal.

Grant Amount:

Health Foundation is open to multi-year grants averaging $60,000 per year.


If you are interested in this particular strategy, please contact Dr. Janisse Schoepp at 305-374-7200 or