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Policy Engagement: Creating Long-term and Lasting Impact

Foundations trying to better leverage their influence and improve their long-term impact are increasingly embracing systems change and public policy grantmaking as a way to impact population health. Through these efforts, Health Foundation can position itself as a “key agent of change,” rather than simply a grantmaker.

Public policy grantmaking has been described as “one of the most powerful tools available to foundations for creating real change.” With real change, you don’t just help one person—you help hundreds. And you just don’t solve problems today—you improve health outcomes for future generations.

Laws or system changes that are adopted by local or state government, schools, health care institutions and other community organizations greatly influence the daily decisions people make about their health. To that end, the Foundation seeks to assist its grantees, community partners, and decision makers in gathering pertinent data and information, analyzing research findings, identifying policy options and supporting advocacy efforts that lead to improved health for all South Floridians.

We know that changing systems isn’t an individual effort. We’re in it together. That is why we support a wide range of activities including community organizing/building coalitions, stakeholder convenings, leadership development, media and communications advocacy, policy research and analysis, public education and education of decision makers.

Health Foundation is committed to supporting efforts that address pressing health policy issues facing South Floridians. To learn more about how the Foundation can support your advocacy and systems change work, please email Dr. Janisse Schoepp:

A variety of resources and methods, including our current Public Policy Priorities, are at your disposal in Ways and Means. Please be sure to click on the button below.