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The grantmaking we do at Health Foundation of South Florida’s reflects our commitment to making a measurable and sustainable impact on health, especially in those communities within Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties most affected by health inequities.

Among the ways we are working to help achieve health equity and expand opportunities to pursue the best health possible is responsive grantmaking focused on our Priority Areas: Behavioral Health, Healthy Eating Active Communities and Primary Care. Grants in these areas receive 80% of our annual responsive grantmaking funds. The remainder of the annual budget supports Other Community Health Needs

Each Priority Area has a goal and grantmaking strategies with focal points for reaching that goal. They were developed based on research of best practices; identification and analysis of key health indicators and areas of emerging or persistent needs in South Florida. To ensure our aim was directly on target, we welcomed input from community partners and stakeholders.

Projects that align with a strategy within a Priority Area are invited for consideration. Projects that address a focal point will take precedence over those that do not. To see how your project may include the Foundation as a partner, please review the goals, strategies and focal points for our Priority Areas.