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The Silver Linings Notebook is the official program book for Health Foundation of South Florida’s silver celebration luncheon on March 20. Along with information on the Foundation and special ads from our underwriters, the Notebook will feature a few stories and photos from our grantees.

Throughout the years, Health Foundation of South Florida has worked with over 400 nonprofit organizations and partnered with fellow funders, government organizations and companies on a local, state and national level---each with an impactful story to tell.  Grantees may send a photo and a few words to:  Together, the Silver Linings Notebook’s stories provide an invaluable archive of our shared history.


As Sizes for the 
Silver Linings Notebook: 8.5” x 11”

Full page color ad 7.5” x 10”
Half page color ad 7.5” x 4.875”

Please provide artwork as a high resolution pdf by February 27, 2018.

Questions? Please call Shari Gantman at 305.374.7200 or email

Thank you.