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Sustainable Expansion of the Safety Net

This funding opportunity will support the sustainable expansion of the Safety Net in order to increase the number of people receiving primary care services. Specifically, the Foundation expects to focus on projects that creates new access points or modifies existing ones. Sites must be within the tri-County region of Broward, Miami-Dade, or Monroe County. Health care safety-net providers are defined as: organizations that operate Federally Qualified Health Centers, Community Health Centers, Free Clinics, Sliding Scale Clinics, Safety Net Hospital Primary Care Clinics, Private Hospital Primary Care Clinics, Health Department Clinics, University Affiliated Primary Care Clinics, and Mobile Units for the purpose of providing access to primary care for vulnerable and underserved populations.

What We Will Fund:

  • Establishment of a new clinic satellite facility
  • Renovations of existing space to support additional exam rooms
  • Addition of new provider staff

What We Will Not Fund:

  • CEO/Executive staff salary
  • Positions not capable of becoming self-sustaining

When to Apply:

Concept proposals are accepted year-round

Grant Amount:

One to two year grants. Projects range from $50,000 to $100,000


If you are interested in this particular strategy, please contact Fernanda Kuchkarian at 305-374-6442 or