The lack of affordable housing has an impact on a family’s health — a negative one

This is the time of year to reflect on our blessings and think about the struggles of those who are less fortunate. As housing costs in Miami-Dade continue to skyrocket, too many around us are unable to find quality, affordable housing. It’s a challenge that exposes them to health hazards and limits their ability to meet other basic needs, including access to healthcare. While most of us can imagine the immediate trauma of not having a place to call home, it can be harder to grasp the long-term consequences of homelessness and housing instability on people’s lives.

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As the year winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year and look ahead…

This past year has been a time of commemoration for Health Foundation of South Florida; our 25th anniversary of being an investor and catalyst for collaborations, policy and systems change that improves the health of South Florida communities, with a focus on vulnerable, low to moderate-income populations. It has also been a period of great progress and planning. Knowing that yesterday’s logic may not be enough to impact today’s community needs, Health Foundation focused on a new vision of how we will work to build a stronger, more resilient region.

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